What is the Comprehensive Plan?

What is the Comprehensive Plan?
A comprehensive plan is the long-term governing document that is used by city officials, community leaders, business owners and other constituents as a guide for planning and making decisions in the city. It is designed for use for about 20 years, being revisited every 5 years to ensure it maintains city objectives.

Gary has recently begun  working to update its comprehensive plan. The primary focuses for the update are economic development, green infrastructure planning, and fiscal resiliency particularly in light of Gary’s steady population decline and decreasing tax revenue. Throughout the update process, the GRC will be holding meetings with the public to discuss the topics of the comprehensive plan and how the updates will approach current city issues. Click the links below to find out more about the existing plans and statistics that contribute to the planning process. You can also join us at one of our upcoming meetings or events. 

Comprehensive Plan Update

After 18 months of public meetings, focus groups, data collection and information gathering, the City of Gary Comprehensive plan is nearing completion.
As we are compiling the final pieces of the puzzle, we are hosting a Public Exhibit of all the work we have done. This public exhibit includes maps, data, and recommendations from our various public meetings. 
This public exhibit will be on display at the Arthouse: Social Kitchen in Gary, Indiana from July 22, 2019- August 23, 2019 during normal business hours.
If you cannot make it we are in the process of finalizing our recent webinar presentation on progress thus far. This presentation includes progress to date, key findings, recommendations, and neighborhood by neighborhood overviews of existing and future conditions.
To view and download the printable presentation file please click on the image below.
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Revisiting Existing Plans

The 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update seeks to bring the objectives of existing city plans into a single document and unite them into a single vision for Gary. Key themes of the plan will include Community Design, Open Space & Green Infrastructure, Mobility, People & Culture, Housing and Economic Development.
Click to Download the Plan Summary for the Comprehensive Plan Update.
Existing Plan Summary
Existing Plans

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