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 Bike and Pedestrian Plan Google Class

Your Voice Matters!

Join our Google Class to give input on our plan and get all the community updates here.

Meet Our Google Class Host!

Danielle Sipp is a 16 year old high school student living in Gary, Indiana. She enjoys creative writing, public speaking and championing causes that are near to her heart, like saving the environment. She received a 2020 Youth Environmental Award from Save the Dunes, was chosen to participate in the 2020 Iowa Young Writers' Studio and has been part of the award-winning Take Bike the Streets Initiative since 2015.) She joined the Bike and Pedestrian Plan Team because she thinks it is very important that the young people of Gary have their voices heard from the start of city projects. She hopes you will join her in the Google Class to help Gary decide how to plan to make our city a greener, safer, easier place to get around.

Image Descriptions:

1. Left-Danielle Sipp in an orange kayak and yellow life preserver kayaking in Gary's Marquette Park with the Northern Lights Eco Adventures Team.

2. Middle-Danielle Sipp speaking about environmental activism in an article for the Chicago Tribune.

3. Right-Danielle Sipp mirroring the iconic portrait of Senator Shirley Chisholm. This was taken when she went to Washington DC to discuss environmental policy with members of Congress.


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