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 Bike and Pedestrian Plan Project


A plan is a community-wide, consensus-building guide to inform decision-making in the City. It involves gathering input from all voices of the community; outlines community goals and visions; provides recommendations for the built environment, programs and policies; and provides steps for implementing the recommendations. The plan will be available for public comment throughout the project process and will be formally presented to the City Council. The plan will be:


  • Community-centered, including a robust public engagement process


  • Provide recommendations driven and vetted by data


  • Accommodate all modes of transportation (including walking, bicycling, transit riding, and driving, as well as all ages and abilities)


  • Implementation-focused: including an actionable road map that is realistic for the City, project-ready, and helps the community seek future grant funding.



This plan will specifically focus on improving transportation for pedestrians and bicyclists. With 19% of Gary’s population relying solely on public and active transportation, biking is more than recreation in the Steel City. This plan will strive to make all modes are safe, welcoming and convenient for all, including children, the elderly, and those with disabilities. By creating this plan, Gary can build on its existing assets and create a healthier, more sustainable and active community.



In The City of Gary adopted the 2019 Comprehensive Plan late last year.  This updated Comprehensive Plan involved significant community engagement including public meetings, focus groups, interviews and other means of collecting ideas and feedback from the community.  

During the Comprehensive Plan Process, it became apparent that Gary would need a Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, with the goal of developing a roadmap for improving streets and intersections to promote safe walking and biking throughout the City.



We encourage you to regularly visit our project website ( to learn more, sign-up for updates, and stay posted on upcoming events.

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