City of Gary 2019

Comprehensive Plan Update

Gary's Comprehensive Plan is a long-range tool to establish and guide city-wide policy decisions. It is a unified vision for the future and a blueprint for how Gary will promote growth and adapt to change.

Over the past 18 months, the City of Gary has met with community leaders, led neighborhood workshops, collected data, and reviewed existing plans, to provide a road map for our future. These boards show some results of that public feedback and analysis. 

Land use maps show each neighborhood's plan for the future, with a focus on being flexible and adaptable to change.

The transportation project map shows key investments that provide the greatest impact on our city's future.

To Download all Printable Maps in High Resolution Click Here.

Land Use Designations.jpg
transportation map.jpg

Neighborhood Maps

Black Oak.jpg
aetna and lake street.jpg
Brunswick - WestSide.jpg
Downtown neighborhoods.jpg
Buffington harbor.jpg